Athenia Associates LLC

Winning on the Web is Our Core Competency

Athenia Associates is uniquely capable of helping your company win on the Web. Our combined thirteen years of experience of breaking down Web-based and Web-related barriers to success, and erecting in their place a dynamic foundation of fast, highly interactive, engaging, traffic enhancing and easy-to-understand Web resources has won our team over 100 awards (including PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Site Award 9 times) and millions of page views per month.

To Help You Win We Will...

Increase Your Traffic
We will use on and off-site methods developed in years of traffic enhancement efforts to maximize the response to your offerings.

Remove Success Barriers
Most Web sites have many built-in barriers to success. These make it difficult for your prospects to accept your business offers. We will find and expose these success barriers for removal.

Identify and Exploit Missed Opportunities
Almost all companies leave lots of money on the Web "table". We will show you Web revenue streams that you didn't know existed, and help you maximize the growth of the ones you did.

Streamline Your Web Profits
Faster page display increases profits and (usually) decreases costs. We will make sure your site works like greased lightning to win your race for Web success.

Simplify For Success
They're singing our song! It seems the rest of the world has just discovered that the KISS system applies to the Web too. We've known it all along, and will help your Web presence become far easier for your prospects to spend their money on.

The Proof is in the Pudding
Some of the sites we have designed include:, StreamingMediaWorld, InternetProductWatch,,, and Optimization Week. Some of the sites we have managed include: FlashKit, FlashPlanet and

About the principals: Andrew King and Robert Peyser.

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